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QUANTITY: We looking for 1-2 items per week for the next 6 weeks to include in the boxes. Most items are packed in 1lb units (bunches or bags), and we would buy about 20 units per week of each crop. So, it is a small quantity for now, about 30-50 pounds of produce/week that we are short for the end of the year.

Leafy cooking greens $2.25/LB
Lettuces/Spinach $3.00/lb.
Roots $2.25/lb.
Winter Squash $2.00/lb.
Cultural crops negotiable, but typically between $2.25-$3.00/lb.

greens/lettuces: mustards, bok choy, gai lan (Chinese broccoli), head lettuce, leaf lettuce, spinach
Roots: radish, turnips, beets, carrots
Winter Squash: butternut or other edible gourds

One of our farms had a flood, so we are working quickly to bring in extra for our farm boxes.

I thought it might be an opportunity for your farmers to make some extra money,
and also for us to begin working together to plan for the future.